Green Waste Recycling offer a cost effective and environmentally friendly service to process green garden waste

We can process large volumes of green waste, including commercial garden waste, for cost effective environmentally friendly waste recycling. You can deposit your waste at our site in Halifax, West Yorkshire without prior arrangement (within farm opening hours). New customers, please do call to discuss you requirements Our recycling service does not cost the earth, nor does it damage it - we charge just £10 per metre squared of green waste disposed of at the farm, which we then compost and recycle, instead of landfilling.

The Garden Waste Problem:

Currently, much biodegradable waste in the UK is dumped in landfill sites, which is damaging to the environment: Dumped garden waste fills up valuable landfill space The UK could run out of landfill space in under 9 years (Local Government Association figures, November 2007) - the UK has been dubbed the "landfill dustbin of Europe" Green waste in landfill sites does not break down through natural composting This results in the release of noxious gases such as methane, a dangerous greenhouse gas

The Green Waste Solution - no more landfilling garden waste...

Garden waste is biodegradeable, and ideal for composting. We avoid the use of landfill sites for compostable garden waste, instead sending the nutrients back to Earth through recycling.

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