1 Exley Hall Farm, Halifax, HX3 9LQ
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1 Exley Hall Farm, Halifax, HX3 9LQ

Hay Halifax

Our Haylage Offering

To maintain an exceptional standard as a horse feed provider in Yorkshire, we customise our services to align perfectly with your individual preferences and necessities. We possess strong confidence that our product will meet your satisfaction. To ensure your continued contentment with Exley Hall as your haylage supplier, we stand by the quality of each bale we offer.

The Significance of Quality Animal Nutrition

Superior nutritional sustenance plays a pivotal role in fostering robust and healthy animals, particularly when it comes to horse haylage. Haylage that is improperly prepared or of subpar quality can significantly compromise animal well-being. Our commitment to animal welfare is resolute, and we extend this commitment by utilising the same hay and haylage for nourishing our own livestock at our Halifax farm. The haylage bales crafted at Exley Hall Farm are innately balanced, furnishing a suitable diet for optimal growth and development.

Our hay and haylage are accessible throughout the entire year. If visiting our farm for collection is inconvenient, we extend the convenience of delivery services. Additionally, we offer the option of establishing a contractual arrangement for hay and haylage provision. This could be highly advantageous for riding schools seeking a consistent supply of hay or for those who wish to avoid depletion with our ‘Just in Time’ delivery approach.

Every bale originates from Exley Hall Farm in Halifax, and we exclusively utilise our resources, ensuring the delivery of top-notch hay and haylage sourced directly from Yorkshire’s fields.