Making the Most of Green Waste through Recycling

At Green Waste Recycling in Halifax, we make the best of people's green garden waste, through environmentally friendly composting. We process garden waste at our farm in West Yorkshire, where we can recycle large quantities into a feed for soil through natural safe composting, thus returning the nutrients to the earth. We offer economical green waste disposal solutions for both small and large scale garden waste, whether individual or commercial. Please see our green waste services to see how we could help.

We Compost Naturally - Environmentally Friendly Green Waste Recycling in Halifax

Proper recycling and composting has benefits for the environment. Our recycling process is similar to the decomposition that occurs in the natural world. We provide a natural, ideal composting environment at Exley Hall Farm, our fully working farm in Halifax. Here, we can quickly, safely and efficiently process large amounts of green garden waste, from household garden waste, to professional gardeners and commercial green waste. *Please call 01422 713 475 or 07834 058832 for more info. Regular customers receive a free text order service.*